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Apr. 15th, 2014

Koda Kumi

Appropriate Action ch2


Fandom: BTS
Pairing: V/ You
Rating: PG13 – R
Chapter 2: Tossing and Burning

You are an English instructor at a language academy. Taehyung is your student. What happens when he shows up at your apartment beaten and battered in the middle of the night?
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Koda Kumi

Appropriate Action

Fandom: BTS
Pairing: V/ You
Rating: PG13 – R?
Chapter 1: Teardrops and High Tops

You are an English instructor at a language academy. Taehyung is your student. What happens when he shows up at your apartment beaten and battered in the middle of the night?

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Mar. 31st, 2013

Koda Kumi

Reign on Me

Lee Jinki is a hustler who goes by the name "King." You're not usually into thugs, but this one may just pull you in.

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Sep. 26th, 2010

Koda Kumi

Lee Teuk Gon Throw Shade If He Can't Get Paid!


Sep. 12th, 2010

Koda Kumi

NASSUN is Sexy! O-IWI-O Blows My Freakin Mind!

I have been a fan of NASSUN's voice since "Uri Jib-eh Nolawah". . . Only his voice. And then I happened upon a photo of him without his signature circus attire and goatee.

 Why hello there hottie...
   NASSUN w/ goatee YIKES!

From then on I began combing Naver blogs for photos of NASSUN without facial hair, because it looked like he MAY have been cute, but I JUST COULD NOT TELL FOR SURE!!! . . .  and then . . . I saw the MV for NASSUN and G.O's  O-IWI-O and I thought... "HoFkShit! NASSUN is looking right!" Somewhere in the back of my head I was thinking I should have at least glanced at G.O. (since he is the cutest in MBLAQ imo.) but I just could not tear my eyes away from NASSUN in a suit.  Next i saw the live stage of O-IWI-O in which NASSUN sported blonde hair and not only did I think "WOAH MAMA!" I also thought "Keita Tachibana? (from W~inds)." But that's a good thing.  


In closing, NASSUN is just about the hottest guy I have seen in a minute and is definitely the swag incarnation of Ryan (from Paran) and Simon Dominic (from Supreme Team) with a lil keita in the mix.

  Ryan simonSimon

Please be enjoying the HOT!

Sep. 10th, 2010

Koda Kumi

Junsu's Ghetto Tweets Make My Effing Day!


This one was a doosie!

*end of edit*

I have finally kinda gotten into Twitter. I had it for a while, but now I have become addicted to Junsu of Korean pop group 2pm's ghetto tweets and I have actually started to follow people and write stuff. Ha even figured out the twit pic thing today.

Junsu is from the block. That Daegu block. Is Daegu Korean for Brooklyn? Lemme find out. Junsu is da truth.

Follow Junsu: Jun2daKay
Follow me: manwigs

Let's end with some MOAR Junsu from da block.

Don't do this in South Central man.

Sexy Back.
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Koda Kumi

Finally a New Kpop Band with Members it's Legal for Me To Like!

Dalmatian recently made their debut with the song "Round 1" and I have to say, that after checking out the member profiles for the group i breathed a sigh of relief. NO TRAPS! While the group's musical stylings would fit better with a younger group, I do enjoy the song and I have to admit, despite the age of some of the members, they all have a fresh boyish quality. They dance well and sing and rap well, and I am looking forward to a song that can better showcase their skills.

My favorite is oldest member and leader of the group Inati. Imagine my shock and joy when I discovered that he is 29. Yesss 29. Yesss grown and sexy. I am older than most of the current hot and up and coming Kpop boy bands out there, which means that my urge to yell "Oppa" at the screen during performances has been sadly repressed. However, a new day has dawned as some real live grown men have emerged onto the boy band scene. I saw 2pm live and very close to the stage. Imagine my dismay as I laid eyes upon those giant Beasty Idols, as I parted my lips to call out "Oppa!" to Junsu and then my voice caught in my throat as remembered..."aww hell, ALL of these dudes younger than me."

On the 4th day Inati's abs were created and It was determined that it was good. And all the angel's sang. And then I didn't feel quite as awkward loosing my mind while watching gorgeous
boy band members (at least most of them) dance and sing and frolic about. And then the awkwardness returned as I realized that I was watching a nearly 30 year old man dressed like a gangster dalmatian frolicking about singing lyrics such as "bow wow wow," and was in fact thoroughly enjoying it. But then I thought about Inati's abs again and all was right with the world.

Koda Kumi

Miura Daichi is All that and a Bag of Rap Snacks Potato Chips!

I recently got into Miura Daichi. I think he is a great singer and a fantastic performer. You know those performers that seem like they are having the time of their lives when they are on stage? he is definitely one of those. I have been so into him lately that I think he is definitely worth posting about.

Koda Kumi

Fan Fic: 흰눈 (White Snow) (Part 12 / ?)

Summary: The weather is cold, but tensions will heat up as Hwanhee begins to question the relationship between Brian and Eru. Are Hwanhee's suspicions waranted and if so can he melt down his walls enough to let Brian in or will he lose him forever and be trapped in his ice palace alone.

YAOI IF U DO NOT LIKE BOYS LOVE DON"T READ (not graphic though: at least not yet)


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Jun. 26th, 2010

Koda Kumi







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